After six months of work from the whole community, we can finally introduce GNOME 2.24.0 to the world! It's a good release, with cool new stuff and big improvements (as usual ;-)). Among other things, I'm happy that empathy got in, and also glad for the ekiga team to see that they managed to get ekiga 3.0 out in time! It's actually a bit unfair to just mention those two events, since many more people rocked; go check the release notes to learn about more changes.

GNOME 2.24

The release itself was quite some work -- more than expected, actually. Quite a few people were pinged, and I rolled something like 20 tarballs to make sure that we ship the latest translations (and sometimes, the latest fixes) for nearly all of our modules. Smoketesting has somehow improved: since distributions actually ship the 2.24.0 tarballs before we do the official GNOME release, quite some users are testing the latest code. And it helped identify a few issues, which is cool :-)

Oh, and the 1000th commit to the releng modules was the one finalizing this release. Magic number! Okay, I'm lying here: because of two last-minutes tarballs, the real official 2.24.0 commit was the 1001st. It still looks good, doesn't it?