In a few hours, I'll leave my nice sweet home for the big Boston. First for the User Experience Hackfest and then for the Boston Summit.

I'm quite excited about the hackfest and I hope it will turn out to be as good as I hope (or, who knows, even better). While I was supposed to help with the organization, Federico and Owen did most of the job -- Owen actually was awesome. The hackfest will occur at the Cambridge Novell offices, so it will also be a good opportunity for me to visit some other offices of my company ;-) There'll be lots of great people attending, so it will certainly be good times. We'll try to make sure that people blog about what's going on since there will certainly be a few outsiders curious of what will be going on. I know I would be curious!

As for the Boston Summit, well, it'll be my first one. I have no idea what to expect, which means it can only be positive, I guess. I do expect some quite productive output out of this week in Boston. I really think that this hackfest and this summit can be of tremendous help to define where we'll want to go in the next few years. Okay, I might have no idea what to expect but I do have high expectations ;-)