Lucas sent the announcement earlier today: the GNOME project will move to git.

This announcement highlights the recent steps that lead to this decision: the DVCS survery and the analysis of its results. Of course, all this was discussed on mailing lists (okay, it quickly went from discussion to flamewar ;-)). It was not a decision that was taken after onl a few thoughts, and I guess it's good to remind people that using a DVCS is something that was in people's mind since quite some time. For example:

Note that I mainly put git-related things in the above list; I'm pretty sure you can find some bzr/hg/etc. items that would also show the community interest in a DVCS. It turns out the chosen DVCS was git and it's simply because the majority in our community prefers git. Some people might wonder why we're not letting developers choose another version control system if they prefer another one; the answer to this is easy: to keep our infrastructure maintainable, we choose to only have one version control system. It doesn't mean other systems are bad. Really.

We decided to make the migration happen in one month, after 2.26.1. The original idea was to make the switch after 2.26.0, but we wanted to give some more time for people to double-check the great work that the git transition team has done. Furthermore, the month between .0 and .1 releases generally sees quite some activity to fix bugs filed after the .0 release and for translations, so it made sense to wait for 2.26.1 to be out before breaking the habits of quite a few people ;-)