The Community Week started yesterday (more on this below) and today is Patch Tagging and Upstreaming Day: we want to better document our patches and send them upstream if we didn't already -- we have guidelines for this since quite some time :-)

The interesting part of this session is that we can involve upstream: we want to make it easy for upstream people to look at patches for their modules and give us feedback. So if you're an upstream maintainer, you can simply go to the list of patches (ordered by packages or tags) for the packages maintained by the GNOME team and join #opensuse-gnome on freenode to discuss the patches. We'll be glad to chat about how wrong they are ;-)

Patch Tagging and Upstreaming Day is the second session of the Community week; we started yesterday with a Packaging Day and it went quite well: there were quite some new faces popping up in #opensuse-gnome and it seems the introduction that was done in the morning was useful to at least some of them :-) The afternoon and evening saw people working on new packages, which is good to see. It was actually quite cool to see people just joining up, and start working on things they simply wanted to see packaged.

Also, after some very brief discussion during this Packaging day, we also finally moved and created GNOME:Contrib, the project for GNOME packages that we want to see in Contrib. I'm glad we did this small change as this is an important step towards the goal of sharing new packages with all users: instead of having various packages in random places, they will now be easy to find. This is merely an organizational change that users won't directly see, but it will have positive impact on their life, hopefully ;-)

Now let's start this second day! Head over #opensuse-gnome and say hi :-)