A few months ago, after talking about this for a while, I finally did a git migration of various XDG specifications (autostart, basedir, desktop-entry, menu and systemtray). It was a test migration, so I only published this in a personal repository on freedesktop.org. And I quickly became busy with other things.

I finally pushed this repository to xdg/xdg-specs on Thursday. It's a shame it took so long, especially since some people were waiting for it. But it's done. So what's next? I'll see if we can import a few more specifications in there, but I'll also look at improving the website, and how it's generated. It might make sense to re-use what was done for library.gnome.org here.

Oh, and it's also a good opportunity to start fixing some long-standing issues with some specifications :-) I have some list of improvements I'd like to see, but do not hesitate to share some of the annoyances you experience with the specifications!