A bit less than ten days ago, we held an openSUSE Bug Day on what we call the zombie bugs: those are the bugs opened against non-maintained versions of openSUSE. We didn't want to mass-close them, since some of them are still valid and might have important information.

And it turns out we achieved some really great results:

Open bugs in:openSUSE 10.2openSUSE 10.3openSUSE 11.0Total

We managed to triage 46%36% of those old bugs, thanks to the small team of around 10-15 people who participated! But we want more, and if you feel bad because you were not able to contribute, you'll have another chance to help :-)

We'll do another "Zombie" Bug Day next Saturday (December 11th), in #opensuse-bugs on freenode. The documentation from the last bug day is still valid, and the most important thing that you should know is that everybody can help: just join us and we'll guide you, even if you only have 30 minutes of free time!

And be sure that you'll enjoy it: we had a lot of fun last time!