After GNOME 3.0 went out, I disappeared a bit from our reality (as I was trying to get back to a more healthy state), but I still managed to read feedback here and there about the release. I guess I'll blog a bit about the fallback mode, since it appears this is either not known at all or well-misunderstood...

What really made my day, though, was how our release got celebrated. I'm not even talking about the launch parties (some had amazing cakes, woo), but just about things like this:

  • our friends at KDE codenaming their 4.6.2 release Congrats specifically for GNOME 3: The codename "Congrats" dedicates this release to our friends over at the GNOME camp, who release a new major version today.
  • our friends at Ubuntu celebrating GNOME 3 in the front page of their website with a picture dedicated to the release in the slide show. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot of this and it's now gone — if anybody took a picture, please share it!
  • our friends at openSUSE welcoming GNOME 3 with a present: 10,000 Live DVDs of GNOME 3 that will get donated to the GNOME Foundation for events.

GNOME 3 is a top tweet

I'm sure I missed a lot of other nice celebrations (links in comments are welcome :-)), but even with only those four items, I feel a lot of love! Thanks to everyone who had a nice thought after the release, we really appreciate that!