Logo GNOME-FR Early last month, we had a GNOME-FR annual general meeting. It was a while since the last GNOME-FR meeting, and it felt good to get things moving forward again! For those who don't know, GNOME-FR is the french-speaking non-profit organization (association loi de 1901, to be exact), and while it's not the most active organization, it's quite useful to help organize the GNOME presence at events — usually french-speaking events, but also international events (like FOSDEM, for which GNOME-FR handles the t-shirts and more, since a bootstrapping fund given by the GNOME Foundation a few years ago).

We mostly discussed administrative details, like changing bank, relocating GNOME-FR to a new address (thanks to Frédéric Crozat for hosting it until last month, and thanks to Didier Roche for being the new host!), and updating the by-laws. You can go read the minutes (in french, obviously) if you want the details.

The real news is that we got a new GNOME-FR board (and new officers, obviosuly):

They are all people caring very much about GNOME, and it's great to have them in the board! Congratulations!

What makes me even more happy about this board is that we have people from Belgium, France and Switzerland: this really reflects the fact that we have people from different countries in the french-speaking community. And arguably, Alexandre could be considered German! ;-) Obviously, this board doesn't have as many tasks to deal with as the other board, but it's nonetheless important to me to know that GNOME-FR is in good hands!

And who knows, maybe GNOME-FR will participate again to a bid to host GUADEC or the Desktop Summit in 2013?