I'm going to Desktop Summit 2011

I happen to go to Berlin next week, and it seems a awful amount of other people are going too (including the evil twin). I wonder why so many people. Maybe they all want to listen to my ramblings on Monday just before the lunch break, or attend a dream team session later on the very same Monday, about upstream and downstream and co-presented by Allison Randal, Jaroslav Řezník, Harald Sitter and yours truly.

Of course, this could also be because of the FreeFA Tournament, sponsored by SUSE this year. This football game is always one of the highlights of our summer events, and I must admit I can't wait to see Bastien give it another try.

However I don't see any ice cream deathmatch in the program. This is rather unfortunate, but I guess Diego was way too afraid of trying again anyway... Or maybe the true Lennart voluntarily sabotaged this?