Someone pointed out to me that I'm featured in two recent Boycott Novell posts. In the first one, I learnt that I'm not a representative of Free/open source software, while the second post shows how Novell still controls GNOME’s direction through me (and this could be a way for Novell to influence GNOME into becoming more dependent on Mono).

Oh, I'm certainly not perfect, but I would think that having contributed to GNOME and free software in general for something like 6 years during my free time before I joined Novell could, you know, count a little bit. Had I stopped contributing in my free time, maybe it would make some sense? Actually, I should do that: I'd have much more time for sleep ;-)

Also, I must admit I didn't know Novell is telling me where GNOME should go; but now I wonder: could I be hypnotised? Or someone could be invading my dreams in some way to influence me! Or wait, I know: there has to be some subliminal messages sent on my screen! That's it, surely! More seriously, how to explain this... I think I'm way more a GNOME person in Novell trying to make Novell change, than a Novell person in GNOME trying to make GNOME change.

But thanks for the good laugh! The conclusion of all this, I guess, is that it means I'm now a pop star! Woohoo :-)