The word just went out: GUADEC 2010 will be held in The Hague. You can read all the details in the press release, and you if you do so, you might find out that you know some of the organizers ;-) This is quite exciting news! And since it's really easy to travel to the Hague, I hope we'll be able to see again some people who couldn't attend last year; from what I can already hear here and there, it looks like it'll be the case. Lovely!

With GNOME 3.0 scheduled for next September, this GUADEC will be one of our best opportunities to work on the final details for this big version bump. Of course, by then, a good bunch of the work will already have been implemented, but there's always been great stuff coming out of our GUADECs, with positive impact on our September releases. Also, I certainly hope we will work on answers to the dreadful sooo, what's next? question. There are already some thoughts floating around, but extracting all of those from the various brains involved is not the easiest task you can think of ;-)

Talking about events, it looks like the hackfest model is working quite well these days. In case you had any doubt about this, just look at what happened in November... People first left for the Zeitgeist hackfest in Bolzano, and at the same time, another group of contributors went to Chicago to participate in a marketing hackfest. A few days later, a video hackfest took place in Barcelona, and there are already some rumours about a WebKitGTK+ hackfest that would happen in A Coruña before the end of the year :-) Let's keep rocking!