Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor by Wolfgang Staudt (Creative Commons by)

It's slowly becoming a tradition for me, since it's the third year in a row: I'm in Berlin for LinuxTag. I'm sure there will be some great fun there!

The openSUSE presence will of course be amazing: just take a look at our wiki page. Many contributors will have a talk, but we'll also have workshops on the openSUSE booth (I recommend Robert's Learn Inkscape Vector KungFu) and various interviews on RadioTux. And of course, you can just come to the booth to meet us: we'll be happy to share our enthusiasm with you!

On the GNOME side, we apparently couldn't find enough volunteers in time to run a booth. That's a sad news, but we'll still have many people attending the event, and we'll have several talks in the Desktop track on Saturday. I know I won't miss Stormy's one :-)

Since I knew I was going to the event, I submitted talks, and I was happy to see them accepted. While I do enjoy speaking, I think that having more than one people on stage can make the talk much more entertaining for the audience. That's why I'm excited that I'm sharing those two talks with great people:

  • Johannes and I both submitted a GNOME 3.0 talk, and after some discussion, we decided to merge our talks in one: The Road to GNOME 3.0. It's a one-hour talk, and hopefully, that length will allow us to discuss most of the changes in 3.0 and I hope this will contribute to getting people excited about this release!
  • to boost openSUSE, Henne and I will have a live A-Z Guide to openSUSE Contribution. I can't wait for this one, since it'll be a fast-paced talk, in a format I'm not used to. That's where you want to be if you don't know how to contribute to openSUSE, or to any other free software project, since some of our points are in no way specific to openSUSE.

If you're attending LinuxTag and you're interested in chatting about GNOME, openSUSE, desktops or distributions in general, or if you want to challenge me with an ice cream contest, leave me a message or come to the openSUSE booth! You can just come and say hi too, obviously :-)