In case you missed the news, the GNOME Foundation is hiring a system administrator, and this is happening thanks to many individual donors and Canonical, Collabora, Google and Nokia! I covered all this in a previous post already, so go read it if you never heard of that before. But I'm sure you've heard of it ;-)

What's important today, though, is that the deadline to apply for the job is nearing fast! It's June 22nd. Yes, this Tuesday. Had you forgotten about it? I sure had... So make sure your resume is ready and send it to the board before this deadline! Sure, we've already received applications from various candidates and we've started looking at them, but it could well be that you are the one! Not this one (well, if you are, I have several questions for you), just the person who'll help tame the GNOME infrastructure.

And no, it doesn't mean that the current candidates we have are bad; it just means we want to make sure all candidates apply before the deadline :-)