I've been at Novell for two years and a half now, and it's been an interesting ride. I must say I've had two amazing bosses who understand the way I work and who have been really supportive, so that definitely helps! I don't know if Klaas will stand me much longer, though ;-) In addition to that, being part of the Boosters is a good way to be with people as crazy as I am, working on weird stuff like me.

Of course, it has been hard to see good people leave the company in the past few months — they are generally still involved upstream, though, so that's positive :-) But recently, we've been joined by two friends: Frédéric, who's working on SUSE Meego, and Jos, the new openSUSE community manager. And guess what? We expect more! Because we're still hiring:

  • the very same team I'm part of (remember, the crazy people) is looking for a new member. The job description is, well, you know, a job description ;-) What is most important, in my opinion, is that we're looking for someone who understands free software communities: the goal of the team is to grow the openSUSE community by enabling the community, and we're having fun with that! You can have the right profile even if you don't know the openSUSE community well at the moment: for example, it's totally fine to come from upstream (some of us do have an upstream-only background). I heard that some people even wonder if it's normal to get paid for such a job. But yes, you will get paid. To apply, go here and use the openSUSE booster keywords.
  • our SLED team is looking for a GNOME developer to help with the maintenance and the development of SLED, and I certainly hope that this developer will also work with the GNOME team in openSUSE :-) If you enjoy fixing bugs and adding some nice features that make a difference to users, this could be a good position for you! To apply, go here and use the SLED GNOME keywords.

If you want to chat about any of those jobs or about how it feels to work at Novell, don't hesitate to ping me!